Branding: The importance of making a name for yourself online

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Branding is insanely important in this Internet age we live in.  Although the word took on a new meaning the idea of branding dates back to the ancient Egyptians.  Livestock would be branded (Burned with a stick or hot metal pole) to identify ownership.  Each animal had their own particular mark, a mark that set them apart from the other animals.  

The idea behind that process is exactly what internet branding is doing today: Creating a distinct image of yourself online using social networks, websites and videos.  Keeping a clean, positive brand online could be beneficial to you maybe even securing a job down the road.  Having good reputation online is essential for brand loyalty and keeping important connections.         

Branding is also essential for businesses.  To successfully build a brand for a business online can grow the company and improve all aspects of the business.  One of the best ways to do this is to ensure brand loyalty. Everyone is trying to increase their brand loyalty and one of the best ways to do that is to improve the customers experience. When the customer is happy, we are happy, and keeping customers happy will increase their loyalty to your brand. With social media today, an angry customer who had a bad experience could write a post about your brand on facebook, and in seconds, this is seen by thousands of people.  This act alone could kill a brand. Keep the customers happy, keep your brand clean and positive.     

Its important for a company’s staff to know the brand of the company because they need to know what they are representing. Would you get a tatoo before thinking about it and knowing everything about it? Same with a brand, know what you are representing and you will be able to confidently and knowledgeably represent your brand.  

Everyone needs to be uniform in representing the brand because you are all supporting one fight. Never have I seen a football team take the feild with everyone wearing different colors and representing different teams. This is the same as a company’s brand. The team all needs to be “uniform” and represent the same brand and fight the same fight.  

Digital marketing companies such as Hüify can promote these “why” questions because they understand the importance of branding and keeping brand loyalty.  Hüify only promotes what they believe in, ensuring that they are motivated, excited, and confident they can portray the brand in a good way.  To learn more about Hüify and their services check out their website or just search them on Google!  

To sum it up: Create a brand. Keep it positive.  Keep it clean.  Secure Brand Loyalty.  Succeed.  



About Sir Dylan McSteen - Hüify

We are an agency of young creative masterminds who love what we do. Our excitement revolves around helping brands become more touchable and real for the consumer.
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